May 27, 2014

Beach Weddings

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Have you ever known anyone that would not love a beach wedding? Living in Southern California I have been to several and they have all been beautiful. Some have the ceremony outside and then move to an inside location for the reception and others have both the ceremony and the reception outside; just dependents on the time of day and what the city will allow. Of course one thing that you have to worry about is the weather and in Southern California the evenings at the beach tend to be a little chilly all year long. So if you are going to be outside for the entire event make sure you tell everyone to bring a jacket.

As far as the type of wedding dress to wear the brides I have seen always wear a long formal traditional wedding dress and the only complaint I have heard is that they are chilly; this goes for the bridesmaids as well. For this reason I think it may be best to have the ceremony outside and then move to an inside location for the reception. Being chilly for 14 or 20 minutes is doable but for the whole evening can be tough. And after spending all that money for a beautiful wedding dress it is hard to cover it up with some type of jacket.

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I love a setup like this for a beach wedding simple yet elegant. You can go to this website for ideas and help planning your beach wedding . It is a great source. Chairs for your guest and you are all set.

This would be my dream wedding at the beach; a beautiful outdoor setting with the ceremony starting about 4pm and then the reception to follow at an inside location with a view like the one below. This restaurant is Jake’s in Del Mar, CA.

Jake's Del Mar

Although I have never been to a wedding reception here I have had dinner here and the food, atmosphere and view are all wonderful. If they can accommodate your group I would highly recommend this location. Just have the ceremony on the beach and walk to the reception. I just went to a wedding in Half-Moon Bay, CA with a similar set up and everyone loved it.

Good Luck Planning!!!


This is always a big topic for discussion during the wedding and it seems that now day’s people do what they want. So what I say may be old fashioned and I am defiantly from the south where we are more formal, so you may not follow any of these rules but I find it interesting to consider anyway.

So we all know the bride pays for the wedding and the reception at least in American culture. I understand that the Chinese do just the opposite as a good friend of mine had to pay for all this when his son married a Chinese girl.  The bride also pays for the center pieces that go on all the tables during the reception and many brides make these to keep the cost down. It is perfectly acceptable to ask some of guests that are close family friends to help out in any way the you need. I have been asked to help on many occasions and I love to be asked.

Anyway what does the groom pay for? Well the tradition I always see carried out is that the groom pays for the flowers, the preacher or any church fee and the rehearsal dinner. Of course all this added together can be costly but not as much as the wedding and reception.

You can get many great ideas about the rehearsal dinner from this site:;      and I love a beach dinner like this one.


If you do something like this you could actually prepare a lot of it yourself.

Or if money is no object then have a more formal event and get some ideas from this site:


Who to invite is always the big question. Well in the south you invite all the wedding party and their spouse or date; of course all parents and stepparents of the bride and groom; also any out of town guests that have arrived. So it can be large and quite expensive. In that case it would also be fine to hold it in someone’s home.

Just make sure the bride and groom relax and enjoy it.


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